DALLAS, TX (January 1, 2014) — Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants, one of the largest physician-only anesthesia groups in North Texas, announced that it has implemented a new system of tracking patient satisfaction through Survey Vitals. Based in Idaho, Survey Vitals is committed to helping providers improve their practice through input from their most valued stakeholders: patients.

Survey Vitals offer patients the opportunity to give feedback to Metro regarding their care, from the initial phone call and front office interaction, to anesthetic care and follow-up. With Survey Vitals, Metro hopes to improve patient perception, understand and garner a greater overall patient satisfaction, and develop ways to improve where needed. This survey system allows patients to give honest and anonymous feedback, including comments, suggestions and concerns, and is HIPPA-compliant to protect patients’ sensitive information.

When results are obtained from Survey Vitals, they are sent directly to administrators and practitioners through the Survey Vitals app, where they can be reviewed, compared against other responses, and evaluated for ways in which the practice can improve or continue in providing outstanding service to patients. They also provide alerts when a patient shares a low score. Survey Vitals goes beyond just providing text comments by including an audio comment from the patient. Providers will hear the patient’s tone and sense emotions associated with their experience that can otherwise be lost in text.

“Survey Vitals has allowed Metro physicians to continuously monitor and improve the quality of care given to patients with real, patient verified results. We track the survey results on a practice level, at a facility level, and also at a provider level to identify trends that need attention. The group is educated quarterly on how the practice is doing compared to the national average, and all hospital chiefs are given reports that identify facility specific patient satisfaction data to share with hospital administration,” says Chrystale Cigainero, who manages the Survey Vitals program for Metro.

Metro looks forward to seeing how Survey Vitals can help them continue to provide outstanding service, care, and attention to their patients. It is a positive step forward in developing even better provider/patient relationships and build upon their proven track record of excellence in anesthetic care.


About Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants

Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants is comprised of more than 85 physicians, providing excellence in anesthesia care at many hospitals and surgery centers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Their commitment to patients, surgeons and hospitals can be seen through the education, training and experience of each of their doctors. Under their physicians, patients can be assured that they are in the very best of hands, for any type of surgery. The organization prides itself on an unprecedented commitment to quality, excellence, and service. For more information, please visit metro.thinkcustomdesigns.com.